11 NovSolar Installation- First Post


I’ve been wanting to post details about my solar installation as it has been happening, but too many projects keep getting in the way. Well here

is my first attempt. More details to follow (such as who is installing, etc.)

But for now, here is some basic info.

Quick System Details:

  • 4.2 kW System using 24 BP Solar 175W Panels
  • Two branches of panels- One with 16 panels, the other with 8 panels
  • Two Kaco inverters are being used: 2502xi (16 panels) and a 1502xi (8 panels)
  • Utility connection being do at back of meter
  • $19,948 is final system cost after all state and federal kickbacks
  • Estimated payback 6 years
  • Average electrical bill before installation: $320/mo (1123 kWh/mo via PG&E)
  • Estimated new electrical bill with solar and time of use shifting: $50/mo
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