15 NovSolar Installation- Personal Installation Stuff

Sunday, November 15 2009:

Because the USB to RS-485 adapter didn’t show up, I ran out things solar-related to do on my Sunday. (Not that cleaning the office didn’t appeal to me AT ALL.) I decided that I’d start to¬† “clean away crap” from the shelves so that they could install the inverters, conduit, etc. It was quite a daunting task. Not so much that I had to move (and find new places for the old stuff), but rather, convincing myself that the location “in the shelving area” was the best location. After hemming-and-hawing, I finally decided the area next to the shelving unit was the best location. No issues with heat or access. And I think the electricians will be happier as well.

Both Kaco inverters mounted on wall by moi. Hopefully the electrians will be happy. :)
Closeup of one of the Kaco inverters

Closeup of one of the Kaco inverters

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