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05 OctBitchin’ BMW Z3


I bet the chicks really dig that exhaust system! Really compliments the pimp daddy wheels and the poodle in the window.

15 NovNew Suspension Installed- Not low enough!

A couple of weeks ago a friend installed a new suspension setup in my TDI. In trade, I installed a Pioneer AVIC-Z3 navigation system. Quite a fair trade if I do say so myself.

Anyway, after a lot of research I decided to use VW Driver gear springs (OEM Eibachs) and Koni FSD struts and shocks to get a slight drop but absolutely no compromise on ride.

The ride and handling is awesome. However, the rear is too high to me. It seems like stock. The front is fine, but the rear- what is going on?

The stock springs were compared to the new springs, and the new springs were indeed shorter than the stockers. Perhaps the FSD shocks don’t work well with these springs?

What do you think?